About us

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Duravent Incorporated is a privately owned and operated Canadian company. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of high quality extruded aluminum louvers and dampers. Our goal is to provide durable quality products at competitive prices.

Since 1996, Duravent has supplied commercial and industrial construction in Western Canada. With more than 30 years of experience in the ventilation and oilfield construction industries, our management understands the need for short lead times and reliable products. By focusing our attention almost exclusively on louvers and dampers, we provide products of the highest quality and durability.

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Our manufacturing facility is located in Edmonton, Alberta. From here our products quickly reach nearby oilfield construction. Western Canada's petroleum industry, however, is not the extent of our business. Our products are being used throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe, in a variety of installations including agricultural, specialized automotive, petroleum, commercial, and residential.

Why aluminum?

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Aluminum does not rust. This is often reason enough to choose aluminum. No rust means longer life and less maintenance for Duravent aluminum louvers. Aluminum's weight is about 1/3 that of steel and it has a high strength to weight ratio, meaning aluminum louvers are light and durable. Extruded aluminum vents are significantly stronger than sheet metal or composite alternatives, yet lighter than heavy duty carbon or stainless steel vents. In many cases, aluminum vents occupy the "sweet spot" when considering cost, durability, maintenance, transportation, installation, and appearance. Moreover, aluminum is highly recyclable; Aluminum products contribute to a sustainable future.

Our products

Precise design and construction

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From initial design, to material handling, to assembly, right through to packaging, we take pride in manufacturing products that are excellent. That's why a number of clients now spec their projects to use our vents.


Quality materials

Our products are built from durable 0.081" (2.1mm) or 0.070" (1.7mm) extruded aluminum frames and blades, and assembled with quality hardware using cadmium plated steel screws and rivets. We also offer composite and stainless-steel hardware for extremely corrosive environments.


We offer fixed-blade (stationary) louvers, adjustable (operable) louvers, back draft dampers, and volume control dampers. We offer 2" deep frames for use in panel walls and shallow enclosures, as well as 4" deep frames for use in self-framing walls and deep enclosures. See our product listing for more details.

For your next project consider the advantages of Duravent extruded aluminum products. Choose from our assortment of standard ventilation solutions, or let us design a custom solution tailored to your needs.